by Rival

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Euclid Djenty, Clangy, Angst-filled, Guilt-ridden, Korn-inspired, Hate-metal Favorite track: Deadbeat.
Isaias Rubi
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Isaias Rubi This band deserves praise they are doing something pretty unique, heavy as fuck. Check it out.
Tyler Hull
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Tyler Hull This is music to beat ass to. Full of insane downtempo breakdowns and nasty riffs. Shit slaps. Favorite track: Seventy.
Joseph Fontenot
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Joseph Fontenot RIVAL is one of the rare bands in this genre that doesn't have a bad song on their release. Great stuff support these guys and buy their stuff. Support the underground Favorite track: Bastard.
Nick Kaushal
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Nick Kaushal This album is amazing because it packs some serious hate and the breakdowns destroy my subwoofer on my stereo. Great album. Favorite track: Bastard.
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released March 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Rival Saint Petersburg, Florida

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Track Name: Three's Company
Cold sweats are a constant tribute to the hate in those hollow eyes

If I could breathe I'd say that I'm sorry I never gut you with that knife

Face down on the bedside praying "God please help me" he was never there but the devil was always near me

Mother, father, saviour please, please help me

No one was ever fucking there

So I took the fucking beatings bare

Mommy please don't let him hit me again

Watch me beg for my life, if I could go back in time I'd never put down that knife

Yeah, you'll never touch me again you motherfucking 5-0 bible thumping bigot

Go tell the youth how you fucked up my head & beat my face to a pulp & made me wish I was dead

But, there's no time to forget the past, all the times that I had wished my life would end, put in your wrath cause there was always something I could do wrong

A face that's ridden with shame, no one was there for me

I know I'm partly to blame, so beat me, beat me

God, where were you? Cause you were never fucking there for me

Where were you, God? You were never fucking there for me

He beat my face to the floor, while you watched, clawed my skin till it tore

I guess I was just nothing to fight for, & that's never changed my dear maternal whore

Three's company, Mom, Dad, & God, what a ghostly family
Track Name: Bastard
Wake me I must be fast asleep, I thought I heard you say that you were always there for me

Mother, can you hear this song I sing? Every word dedicated to your apathy

Father, You were never fucking there for me, I've lived my life as a bastard child and 21 years deep

How could you leave me behind?

The blanket ripped from me, as far as I'm concerned I have no fucking family

No love, no family

I am the blackest sheep, I am the blackest sheep

It's never enough, shit

So cross my face from every picture, erase my name from every paper

Welcome to my lovely dark abode, anything I can do to make you feel at home? Take a seat let the candles fill the house with smoke as I tell you a tale of how I'm all alone

Mother, can you hear this song I sing? Every word dedicated to your apathy

Father, you were never fucking there for me, I've lived my life as a bastard child and 21 years deep, fuck

Fuck you mother, fuck you father, never fucking cared to bother

Fuck you both, fuck you both